Many pressure cleaner operators don’t understand the benefits of using a turbo lance with their machine. The turbo has a dramatic impact saving time, water and labour.

The turbo effectively multiplies the cleaning impact by up to 100% providing double the speed and cleaning power of the pressure cleaner!

The turbo lance functions by taking a pin jet, the most concentrated force out of any pressure cleaner and multiplying its effectiveness and range by spinning it as it goes through the head. It’s that spinning turbo inside the head that gets the work done.

“We don’t believe people like using a pressure cleaner lance for five, six, seven or even ten hours at a time”, said Aussie Pump’s Hamish Lorenz. “It’s satisfying to do a good day’s work, but its more satisfying to get it done faster, cheaper and with less use of resources like fuel and water”, he said.

More information on turbo guns for pressure cleaners is available from Aussie Pumps … 02 8865 3500.

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