Aussie Culture & Parochialism

Aussie’s are proud of their culture. We have a dry sense of humour as many a new settler would agree. Well at least I, being a bloody Pom agree and weren’t we all migrants or refugees at some time. Although we do not speak ‘Strine generally, especially in more recent years, I do have fond memories of past movies and books where the Aussie ‘strine was the dominant theme. Terms that come to mind that I like include “Cobber”, “Me ol’ mate”, “London to a brick” and “Zac and deenar” etc.

As well as these terms there is also the parochialism where Sydneysiders would tell anyone that “Melbourne is the only place in the world where the river flows upside down” (The Yarra has all the mud on the top of the river)”. Where Queenslanders are known as “Banana Benders” and South Australians as “Crow Eaters”

Australians also have a reputation of being great beer drinkers. During the ‘60s and ‘ 70s parochialism was also rife in describing the beer products throughout Australia. Back in the 19th and early 20th centuries there were 100s of breweries throughout the country and during the 50s and 60s many had closed down or were absorbed into larger corporations. At that time just about every state and territory would have claimed that they made the “Best beer in the country if not the entire planet”.

If you were a Queenslander your beer of choice would likely have been XXXX or Bulimba, in NSW the choice would have been either Tooth’s; Resch’s or Toohey’s. In Victoria it may have been VB, Fosters or Carlton which were all made by the one company. Tasmanians would have been drinking either Boag’s in the North or Cascade in the South. South Australians liked their West End, Southwark or Cooper’s, whilst over in the West it was Swan, Emu or Hannan’s. Up North in Darwin you couldn’t go past the NT Stubby.

How many times when travelling have you seen signs on shops saying “The Best Fish & Chips on the Coast” or “The Best Pies in the State”? These claims can only be described as a marketing ploy. I have experience this whilst driving around the state.

Beautiful pies from the old Robertson Pie Shop many years ago, yet down the road in Kangaroo Valley we came across a Pie Shop which claimed to have the best award winning pies. After purchasing some of their pies we found a lack of filling (very little meat) and only just warm.

Naturally Aussies are also parochial about their sport. Many support their local football team of whatever code and would not hear a bad word said about them.

Well stone the crows, it’s time to finish this week’s column and go and have a hot meat pie and cold beer and watch the footie on the tele. After which I may read that great literary classic “They’re A Weird Mob” by Nino Culotta. By the way it’s your shout for the beer me ol’ mate and I’ll have a schooner of “Old” ta.

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