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Alive With Culture 2: Hindi Shows

By Leonie Dixon

In keeping with our theme, let me introduce our Hindi show presenters. There’s Aparna Vats who presents Bharat Dhwani on Sunday evenings 5-7pm and Rajesh Batra whose show is called Mirchiwala and is on every Thursday 8-10pm.

They have quite a different emphasis so if you like more talking and interviews Bharat Dhwani is your show, but for a mixture of different types of Indian music tune in to Mirchiwala.

For engaging long-form conversations with notable figures tune in to Aparna. She explores diverse topics including politics, culture, entertainment, philosophy, lifestyle, current affairs and history. Enjoy a captivating listening experience. Some of the biggest names/speakers in the world join this program with a starting point of 2.5 million followers.

Alive Radio Alive With Culture 2: Hindi Shows

To date they have included world renowned musicians, actors, directors, producers, theatre professionals, visiting politicians and internationally acclaimed authors and poets If you’re wondering what Bharat Dhwani means Bha + rat = illumination of knowledge + constantly in search of and Dhwani – Sound/ reverberations. It’s a hard decision I know, so maybe you need to give both a try.

Rajesh has been broadcasting at Alive for 19 years and enjoys a big listenership of regular listeners from as far away as Bombay and Fiji. He has also volunteered for 20 years at The First Hindu Temple of Australia (Sri Mandir), a beautiful temple in Auburn.

Rajesh runs a Bollywood Karaoke Club with over 100 members where people enjoy sing-along evenings. His show is divided into 4 segments so he can provide for the latest Bollywood hits from new movies; a retro segment of 70-90s songs; traditional, classical and sometimes religious Indian songs and the last segment is for all the requests his audience makes. He really engages with his listeners.

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