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Alive with Culture 1

Over the next few issues I am going to introduce you to many of our Presenters who broadcast in their native tongue. Currently at Alive, we have radio programs in Mandarin, African, Hindi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Bengali, Samoan, Spanish, Croatian, Malay and Italian.

Who doesn’t like keeping in touch with their home country’s music and traditions? All you need to do is go to our website and under the drop-down menu ON AIR you’ll see our program guide.

You don’t need to listen on the radio, we are broadcasting on most platforms. Now to introduce the CroOZ presenters.

Meet Ružica, the vibrant co-host of the ‘CroOZ’ radio show on Alive 90.5. With infectious enthusiasm, she brings Croatian culture to life through the airwaves.

Rosie And Karlo Alive With Culture 1

Tune in and explore the beauty, traditions, and hidden gems of this vibrant culture with Ružica. If that isn’t enough to make you want to tune in, I’ll have to tell you about Karlo who is the funloving co-host of ‘CroOZ’.

He is a bundle of joy who shares his passion for Croatian culture with a smile and a laugh. He loves to connect with his listeners and make them feel like part of his Croatian family.

Karlo is on a mission to keep Croatian culture alive and thriving by showcasing its amazing stories, music, and traditions.

Tune in and join Ružica and Karlo on Sunday mornings at 8:00AM for one hour and go on a journey to the heart of Croatia, one radio show at a time. It’s made me want to listen, how about you?

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