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By Leonie Dixon

Angelina Rossi Alive Italiano

In recent communication with our wonderful Italian presenter, Angelina Rossi I found out all about her show, Un Tocco D’Italia (A Touch of Italy) which, although commencing at Alive 90.5FM only 12months ago, is actually a 10year old show which made its debut in April 2014 at 2 other Community Radio stations in Sydney.

Un Tocco D’Italia airs each Sunday morning at 10-12 on Alive, showcasing Italian music and Italian artists, both local and overseas.

It also promotes the Italian Culture to listeners and has a variety of artists as guests on the show. The show promotes Italian events, concerts and community news. The main language spoken on the show is Italian.

Angelina has hosted many interviews in the past including Patrizio Buanne, Mark Vincent, Joey Fiammano and the latest David Miller from Il Divo. Community Engagement is constant with Un Tocco D’Italia organising events at the Italian Club Marconi regularly for a get together with listeners and always reaching out to the Italian Community to help them with any enquiries for events.

Angelina’s latest Outside Broadcast was at Club Marconi only a couple of weeks ago where the whole club must have been won over to listen in to her program each week, she was so personable. Last month she featured at the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce Diversity in Business event and as a result the station benefitted from onboarding a new presenter and forging links with a media partner, and TAFE NSW.

Networking with the community certainly helps with further development at Alive especially when organisations recognise how important community radio can be for their group. There is a large Italian population in our listening area, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Angelina do tune in to Un Tocca D’Italia each Sunday.

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