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Alive Appreciation

The station recently celebrated the amazing achievements of many of the volunteers who give so much of their time to ensure Alive 90.5 is one of the top Community radio stations in Australia.

The event was held at Parramatta Leagues Club and was attended by over half of the membership, a record for attendance at such functions.

We also appreciated the attendance of mayors, MPs and councillors from our broadcasting area who added prestige to the award ceremonies. The draw cards were trophies and certificates for 7 categories of on-air shows with 3 nominees in each category and the winner being announced on the day.

Alive Appreciation - Community Radio Stations

Other categories included Golden Microphone, Community Engagement and Volunteer of the Year Awards. Our very own red carpet event! Besides that, medallions were given to volunteers with 5, 10 and 15 years’ service. All in all it reflected the value we place on our members and volunteers.

Other community members gave willingly of their time to provide entertainment in the form of Italian singing, Indian dancing and Australian singers (many of whom had performed on air at Alive). The afternoon concluded with gift packs and wonderful cup-cakes especially made by member, Karenza De Leon.

If you are a volunteer somewhere, do you feel as valued as members at Alive 90.5 do? If you have radio, technology, computer or people skills, you might want to consider coming over to Alive. Just visit our website to find out the advantages of membership.

By Leonie Dixon

By Leonie Dixon

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