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The New Property Advertising Portal Just For Granny Flats!

GrannyFlat Rental is an advertising portal for property owners to upload their granny flats, studios, tiny houses, duplexes or unique secondary dwellings to a market place specifically searching for these properties.

Property managers and Best Practice Realty Agencies also have the potential to list any secondary dwellings they manage on GrannyFlat Rental, giving our users as many options as possible to find the next home ideal for them.

Built by a local for locals, we are aiming to build a community that respects social responsibility, and our latest action towards this mission is our new Reduced Rent for Service feature. Property owners can choose to advertise their secondary dwelling with an option for reduced rent if the tenant can accept responsibility for a required service, like lawn and garden maintenance or walking the dogs of the main residence.

We hope the people in our community find the property that will suit their needs easily and help with support around how to apply, and how to be the best tenant that agencies and owners love. The long term goal is to enable ease of finding the right, reliable home for the right reliable tenant.

Go to to list your property or find a granny flat rental!

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