A Great Gothic Night Out

A good old dollop of gothic farce is just what the doctor ordered to shake off the cobwebs and keep everyone on their toes.

Irma Vep is the next production at the Pavilion Theatre at Castle Hill Showground and it features nobility, lost love, mummies, werewolves, maids and a whole lot more.

Seasoned director and comedy queen Meredith Jacobs is at the helm of the Castle Hill Players’ production which promises to have audiences on the edge of their seats with expectation and laughter.

Irma Vep is set in the “haunted” Mandacrest Estate of Lord Edgar Hillcrest who, while still mourning the death of his beloved wife Irma, has remarried the Lady Enid, a stage actress!

The uppity housekeeper, Jane, has her doubts Enid will ever measure up to the esteemed Irma and behaves accordingly.

Meanwhile, dear old Nicodemus, who fancies Jane and the local milkmaid, does his best to serve his Lord and master and keep the wolves at bay. When Lord Edgar decides to travel to Egypt, things start to get a little out of hand and a bit silly.

And no, there isn’t a large cast … just two talented and busy actors, Paul Sztelma and Richard Littlehales, changing from one character to another, sometimes right before the audience, with the help of spectacular costumes by Annette Snars from Baulkham Hills.

It’s definitely worth a trip to Castle Hill to watch them at work.

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