The privately owned Hills based election company of Metro- Poll Pty. Ltd. which in the past nineteen years has grown to be the largest private election company dealing with NSW Registered Clubs is to be acquired from the 1st December by the Australian Election Company.

Ivor and Maree Jones have been looking to retiring from the election business for a few years and with some on-going health issues and ageing the time finally came to bite the bullet and retire.

By combining with the Australian Election Company, Metro-Poll has removed the need for their clients to seek a replacement election service and at the same time the new owners will be able to offer a greater range of services to clients including, should the clients require facilities such as “On-line” voting and the Scanning of ballot papers. Metro-Poll will continue to operate as a division of The Australian Election Company

Whilst the Australian Election Company already has a handful of clients in the Club industry, they also conduct a number of ballots and elections for various levels of government. A number of local council areas in NSW have used the Australian Election Company to run their elections as has also the local governing authority of Norfolk Island.

Both Metro-Poll and the Australian Election Company also conduct ballots for a number of financial institutions such as credit unions etc. as well as many Associations.

Both Ivor and Maree Jones are highly regarded by clients of Metro- Poll with a number commenting publicly on their integrity.

Ivor says that the selling of the business which has been a big part of his life does come with some regrets but we will have more time for family and travel without having to worry about who or how we are going to service a particular client during a busy period when we may have anywhere of upto six or seven elections all running at the same time.

Ivor and Maree will continue to operate the business until the takeover takes effect on the 1st December.