You would understand if members of Elouera Cottage Crafts’ Star Weave Community were beginning to feel “starry eyed”! But thanks to a little “star power” and the dedication and enthusiasm of their members and the community, their focus remains on a concerted effort to spread a little peace and love. For the past six months, Elouera Cottage Crafts (Cherrybrook Uniting Church) has been participating in “The One Million Stars to End Violence Project”.

The founder of the Project, Maryann Talia Pau – a Queensland based artist, describes the Project as “A peaceful global weaving project that engages communities in a conversation about ending all forms of violence”. The Project came about as the artist’s personal response to the brutal and horrific murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne. She collaborated with the Queensland Government last year in an effort to engage communities in Australia and around the world to help weave one million stars for an installation as part of the Arts and Cultural Programme (Festival 2018) during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The response has been amazing and currently more than 200 Star Weave communities around Australia and overseas have each pledged to provide 10,000 stars to the Project.

Around 100 people have been part of Elouera Cottage Crafts’ Star Weave Community, all busily weaving stars, which to date, number more than 18,000, and they are extremely grateful for all the enthusiastic participants and incredibly proud of this fantastic achievement. Each woven star represents light, hope, courage and solidarity to end all forms of violence in the world and the installation of one million stars for Festival 2018 will make a peaceful and powerful statement during the Commonwealth Games,

“SEEING STARS” on Saturday 17 June 10am – 4pm at Cherrybrook Uniting Church, 134 New Line Road, Cherrybrook, will feature a collection of stars woven for the Project interspersed with a display of Elouera Cottage Crafts’ handcraft. It will provide an opportunity to thank the star weavers for their contribution and for the community to see some of the stars before they are sent to Brisbane.

Enquiries: 9899 7917