Wood Fired Heaters and Woodsmoke

Hawkesbury residents are being asked to help improve winter air quality by checking they are using wood heaters correctly.

As winter sets in, the incorrect use of wood fire heaters can seriously affect our air quality.

Woodsmoke can cause breathing difficulties, especially for people suffering existing respiratory conditions. We can all help reduce woodsmoke pollution this winter, here are some simple steps:

  • Burn only dry, aged hardwood. Unseasoned wood has lots of moisture which causes fires to smoke
  • Never burn rubbish, painted or treated wood, these can produce poisonous gases
  • When lighting a cold heater, use plenty of dry kindling to establish a fire quickly
  • Check your chimney regularly, if there is smoke coming from the chimney increase the air supply to your fire.
To install a wood burning heater you must first seek Council approval under the Local Government Act. To find out more go to; http://ow.ly/mwCX50Js8Bf
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