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The Hills Womens Shed: Connection Through Craft

By Sophie Poredos

1 The Hills Womens Shed: Connection Through Craft

The Positive Vibes Foundation and their partnership with The Hills Women’s Shed unites women together and inspires connection through their craft workshops.

Within the brick-buildings at Balcombe Heights Estate in Baulkham Hills, you’ll find a community of women who connect every Thursday morning to learn new skills ranging from tools, craft and dance. Women’s Shed’s are a relatively new concept in Australia, as there are only about 50 sheds dedicated towards women compared to 1,200 Men’s sheds.

The Positive Vibes Foundation is a not-forprofit charity, “promoting positive mental health in Communities through Connections and Conversations”. They opened the Hills’ Women’s Shed in 2018 and it’s the first of its kind in the area: creating a community for women to feel empowered. Protecting and promoting mental health is imperative more than ever, with social isolation rising even as we become more interconnected online.

Caption Dot Painting Workshop At The Positive Vibes Building The Hills Womens Shed: Connection Through CraftDirector Susan Smith works alongside Jeanette Farell, to bring a safe place where women can have a cup of tea and reconnect with other women. Susan recounted why the Women’s Shed is so important for women’s mental health: “Over at the Women’s Shed, it’s really about creating a safe and warm environment for women to decompress and share their life circumstances. Loneliness is a big player with mental health, so our Shed creates an outlet for women to find community, like-minded people and friendships”.

Previous artistic classes have included macrame, dot-painting and mosaic. However, they also provide a range of instructional workshops aimed at empowering women such as changing tyres, stroke prevention talks and checking car oil.

To RSVP for upcoming classes, you can book at their Facebook Page: “Positive Vibes – The Hills Women’s Shed”. You can also contact [email protected] or contact 0408 549 350.

The Hills Women’s Shed is every Thursday 11am to 1pm. You can find the range of classes at Building 32, Balcombe Heights Estate, Seven Hills Road.

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