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Being school holidays we had already drawn up a list of places we wanted to visit. Sadly, the endless rain has meant that many of these places we intended on visiting are now once again flooded and closed.

With this in mind, we turned to the local shopping centres to find fun school holiday activities to keep us entertained. The highlight for us these holidays has been the Winter Fair at Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Walking through Rouse Hill Town Centre is like stepping back into a by gone era with the open-air shops and endless family activities during the year on Main Street and on the Green. The water feature in the middle is one of my daughter’s favourite places to play in the summer months.

Maddie and Alexis are always excited to visit Rouse Hill Town Centre but were super excited about the Winter Fair and ice-skating on a temporary rink. My daughters have never been ice skating before but were keen to give it a go.

Being 7 and under meant I also had to go on the ice with them. It has been a long time since I skated and I certainly got a workout helping the girls and pushing them on a skating aid! For a first time, Maddie and Alexis did really well skating, although there was multiple falls and we all ended up slightly wet by the end!

Img 0497 Winter Fair Rouse Hill Town CentreFollowing ice skating, we found rides including a toboggan ride, tea cup and saucer, flying chairs, a lady bug ride and bungee trampolines. Fortunately for us the rain had stopped and the rides were in in operation.

Maddie and Alexis had an awesome time jumping on the bungees to their hearts content. As part of the Winter Fair Carnival there was also carnival games and most importantly a fair floss stand.

By the end of our visit to the Winter Fair we were completely exhausted however that didn’t stop Maddie and Alexis asking if we can go ice-skating again soon!

The Winter Fair is on at Rouse Hill Town Centre until July 18 and is well worth a visit if you are looking for a way to entertain the family during the last few days of the holidays.

The Rouse Hill Town Centre also has the Reading Cinemas, Timezone as well as an array of wonderful restaurants and cafes many of which are owned by local residents. There is also a large food court as well as play areas for the kids making it a great day out.

Although we enjoyed our visit to the Winter Fair immensely, we are certainly looking forward to visiting the places on our original “school holiday” list and doing our bit to help flood affected businesses and communities back on their feet.

Rouse Hill Town Centre

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