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Wild@art Show

The Ferry Artists are having a special opening for their upcoming art exhibition. Wild@Art on Saturday, 23rd March from 3pm to 5pm.

The Wild@Art exhibition is The Ferry Artists response to a collaboration with Macdonald Valley Association’s Valley for Wildlife Project when Ferry Artists worked with the community to create recycled satellite dish wildlife awareness signs followed by The Painted Power Pole Project in historic St Albans (pictured).

Ferry Artists Wild Poles St Albans Wild@Art Show

For this exhibition artists have been asked to interpret all things environmental in our valley be it landscape, flora, fauna or birds.

Carol Gill, President of The Ferry Artists Gallery said: “We are looking forward to welcoming our guest speaker for the afternoon, Linda Bracken from the MVA, who will discuss the Valley for Wildlife Project and its impact on the valley. “

The Ferry Artist Gallery is at shops 1 and 2 5557 Old Northern Rd, Wiseman’s Ferry. Call (02) 4566 4385 or email [email protected] Photos of The Painted Power Pole Project sourced from FaceBook.

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