What to write

Recently my wife and I were lunching at the Baulkham Hills Sports Club when I spotted a group of maybe around 12 people at a long table and each seemed to have a copy of this magazine and most seemed to be open at the “Memories” and “As Were” section of the magazine. (Note to one self -must check if the Sports Club is a pick up point for the magazine, if not, then arrangements should be made to drop off bundles). I introduced myself to the group and I discovered all at the table were members of the Kellyville-Castle Hill Probus Club, so I would like to say G’day to all those members. One lady pointed out her father in a photo taken outside the old Bull n Bush in that magazine.

My wife and I were in attendance at the Sports Club to attend a meeting of the Winston Hills-Northmead Probus Club. How we got to join that particular club is yet another story for another time. But to “cut to the chase” a number of Probians have asked me how do find the subjects on which to write.

Usually I sit down in front of the computer with a subject or theme in mind and when I start typing that subject goes from my mind completely. For example I said to mife yesterday “I think I may write about the jokes played upon trainees or apprentices when they first join the workforce”. (My wife also acts as Editor of my articles). Anyway my mind wandered during the night to other possible subjects including “The Coming Of Age”. My mind often wanders that one day I think I may lose it altogether. I am thankful also to readers who put “pen to paper” and write to me with their own memories.

Now since I commenced these “Memories” articles and the “As We Were” pictorial section in the magazine I have sought to try and generate memories for readers. After all, we all have memories, some good and perhaps some not so good. Memories of events that we have experienced as we have gone through life, things that we have seen or have done. I must admit that reminiscing I find enjoyable even though I may not be as young and spritely as before. I What to write loved to dance, but I do not now. I do not have the stamina and I doubt that my body and bones would be capable of dancing. I also love music, but my keyboard is that of the computer. But most of all I like to put a smile on a face and if I have brought back some fantastic memories for you the reader then it is all worthwhile. Now in the meantime if you can remember what tricks or jokes were played upon you when you joined the workforce I would be pleased to hear from you. Also if you can think back to when you came of age (18 or 21) and what it meant to you. I would also be interested.

Don’t forget to contribute your memories and also any old photographs that you would like to see published in this magazine’s “As We Were” section.


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