Western Sydney Unemployment Reaches Nine Year Low

While NSW has the lowest unemployment rate in the country of 4.8% the strength of the broader economy is reflected in the lowest unemployment rate in a decade for Western Sydney of 5.5%.

Western Sydney is the powerhouse of the NSW economy, with a massive 48,800 jobs added in the past twelve months alone, which is great news for families and for businesses.

The five largest employing industries in Western Sydney are Healthcare (10.8 per cent), Construction (10.8 per cent), Retail (10.7 per cent), Manufacturing (9.6 per cent) and Professional services (8.1 per cent).

NSW also continues to be the best state for regional employment, with recent figures showing regional unemployment at 5.5%. The NSW Government has added around 51,000 jobs in our regions since being re-elected in 2015 – which equates to more than 60% of the total regional jobs created across all states in that time.

With the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it is expected an additional 28,000 new jobs will be created within this sector, many in Western Sydney.

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