We Need Engineers

Local company, Australian Pump Industries, is seeking to strengthen its engineering division with a Senior Engineer and graduates who want to be part of a dynamic and innovative company.

The company’s products are all designed for the toughest operating conditions, with quality and reliability being the most important factors.

“Our philosophy of functional innovation has led to the development of a world class range of pressure cleaners and pumps that we are truly proud of,” said Aussie’s Chief Engineer, John Hales. “Our engineering department is looking to expand the team with recruits that will be leading the R&D of products that deliver better outcomes for professional users”.

Australian Pump leads the field in pressure cleaner development with innovative, award winning frames, advances in pump design and improvements in safety. There is more work to be done in streamlining production and testing methods as well as further development in the product range.

The engineering roles at Australian Pump are very much hands on, working with the operations manager, production team and service technicians. There will also be the opportunity of fieldwork including the overseeing, commissioning and testing of pump systems in situ.

“Australian Pump is an ISO9001 accredited company that places quality at the heart of everything we design and produce,” said Hales. “This is a great opportunity for both an engineering graduate and senior engineer to make a real difference in the water industry and to the prosperity of the Country,” he said.

Engineers with a strong mechanical aptitude and electrical background would be ideally suited to the roles, pump experience is not required.

Further information on both Senior Engineer and Graduate Engineer opportunities is available by contacting Australian Pump Industries.

Chief Engineer, John Hales, is proud to work at Aussie Pumps because of the company’s commitment to providing users with top quality products.

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