“I want people to be recognised for their talent and not their disability,” is the answer Ruth Pasi gives when asked about the motivation behind staging Watch Me, I have Talent.

Despite the raging storm outside, the talent night, the first featuring people with disabilities, went off without a hitch at Lily’s Restaurant, Seven Hills on Saturday.

Ruth, from Kellyville Ridge, joined forces with Lincolne Innis from Kellyville to stage the show and shine a light on talented youngsters including singers, dancers and even rap duo.

Lincolne, who broke his neck in a swimming accident in 2012 said there would be more shows next year aimed at motivating and inspiring the audience.

“It was really fun night,” he said.

He and Ruth were joined by Vaiula Fotuma’aliipule who has come down from the Gold Coast to help organise the event.

Ruth said a lot of people have talents that they have never showcased because there aren’t the opportunities.

“Sometimes people stay in their homes and don’t do anything unless they are invited. This is small now but it will get bigger.”

The enthusiastic audience also included a group of homeless people who were invited to be special guests for the evening.

All proceeds from the night will go to the African Theatres, a program that has seen Ruth take four groups of young people doing it tough to Zimbabwe for two weeks to discover how poor families in third world countries live.

“I see these young adults become more focussed,more positive and develop more empathy.”

The next trip in July next year which Lincolne will be a part of.
For details call Ruth on 0426 442 298

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