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Warrah Biodynamic Farm Offers Guided Tours for the Whole Family

Warrahannualreport2024 149 2734 Warrah Biodynamic Farm Offers Guided Tours For The Whole Family

Sydney’s only certified biodynamic farm invites the community to embark on an enriching experience learning about its thriving organic practices.

Saturday 13 July from 10 am to 11:30 am, Warrah Biodynamic Farm opens its doors for an interactive guided tour led by Warrah’s farm manager, Steven Tennikoff.

You will have an opportunity to discover the story behind Warrah and how it came into being.

Embark on a farm walk, exploring the various growing areas. Discover organic certification and learn about sustainable farming practices.

Warrahannualreport2024 173 2855 Copy Warrah Biodynamic Farm Offers Guided Tours For The Whole FamilyPick up some useful tips for successfully growing your own sustainable veggie garden. The guided tour is suitable for the whole family, offering a unique opportunity for adults and children to learn and connect with nature. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, a curious explorer, or simply seeking a unique weekend activity with the family, Warrah promises a fun and interactive experience for all.

Warrah Biodynamic Farm is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering people with disabilities. All revenue raised by Warrah Farm benefits Warrah’s disability services.

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Warrah is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting people living with disabilities to lead an engaging and fulfilling life. Flexible and tailored services include Supported Independent Living, Social and Community Programs, In- Home Support, a Specialist K-12 School. Warrah also operates a Biodynamic Farm, an Organic Farm Shop, and a Bakery.

Warrah is located amongst the beautiful bushland of Sydney’s North-West, and fosters a holistic approach to learning and development which are inspired by the Rudolf Steiner philosophies. For more information: Petricia Augustus, [email protected] 0414 550 824

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