Traffic signals get the green light at Annangrove Public School

A $185,000 safety upgrade at a school crossing has been completed, with new pedestrian traffic signals installed outside Annangrove Public School.

The lights now allow school students, their parents and staff to cross the busy stretch of Annangrove Road safely.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said the community has campaigned for improvements to the school crossing for more than a decade, due to concerns about students’ safety.

“This existing school crossing has been a concern for students, their parents, staff and residents who use this very busy road, so it is very pleasing to be able to deliver these improvements,” Mayor Byrne said.

“I want to thank the Minister for Multiculturalism and Disability Services, and our local Member for Castle Hill, Ray Williams MP, for his efforts in campaigning the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for these important lights.

“These signals will not only benefit the Annangrove community, but also demonstrate the effectiveness of two levels of government working together to achieve a great outcome for all road users,” Mayor Byrne added.

Minister Williams said Annangrove Road is a thoroughfare for Rouse Hill and surrounding residents, therefore ensuring the safety of children crossing the road was paramount.

“It’s important the NSW Government is providing local infrastructure in order to support our families and communities,” Minister Williams said.

Deputy Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Robyn Preston, said the signals would make crossing Annangrove Road safer for students, parents and staff at the primary school.

“I have been campaigning for a safe way to cross this busy road for the last nine years,” Deputy Mayor Preston said.

“People fly down Annangrove Road and some even ignore the 40 kilometre speed zone during school times.

“I am so happy to see the completion of this project, which will improve safety for all who travel through this busy school crossing.”

In addition, the footpath was reconstructed to match the layout of the new lights.

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