My name is Tina Kordrostami and I am so excited to be your Greens candidate for Castle Hill in this year’s state election.

I migrated to Australia from Iran at the age of 5 and today I am an architectural designer passionate about spaces intended for the support of neuro divergent individuals. As a graduate of Masters in Architecture, I have developed principles and policies aimed towards the support of individuals living with mental health disabilities.

My activism for human rights has taken me as far as India to assist villages with housing needs and today I am passionate about the Iranian revolution as it is making way for a change which is long overdue.

As an immigrant, a designer, and an activist for human rights, I can recognise the demand for inclusion and diversity towards a growing and sustainable future.

I believe our community is formed by a rich array of races, beliefs, and experiences, all of which are required to be heard and understood. I believe that communication with the people who have shaped our setting is of utmost importance and will make the biggest difference in growth for a better tomorrow.

We are in the midst of a rising housing crisis and our environment is in a concerning ecological state as a result of investor greed, over development and our economy’s over-reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, the gender pay gap and lack of access to health and disability support is merely maintained and rarely spoken about.

Our community deserves equal and universal access to high quality public services with enough diversity to take into account everyone’s needs.

If elected, I intend to broadcast this voice alongside those unheard as I would love to see our environment designed by those living in it. I am hopeful for our future because I recognise the kindness and capabilities that we have in our society.


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