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My name is Thelma Ghayyem, a proud Australian-Iranian citizen who is a nature lover, birdwatcher, rock climber and mountaineer, bush walker and environmental activist.

I’m also an active community member involved in a wide range of volunteer roles and a mother of two beautiful boys who are the love of my life.

I’m standing to be the Greens candidate for Kellyville in the 2023 NSW election as l believe that we cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around us. What we do makes a difference and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make. I want to be able to have a role in making positive changes for the neighbourhood.

As a mother of two, l’m greatly aware of how teaching has been undervalued despite the vital effect it has on society. I’m supporting teachers, early childhood educators, and l’m also demanding free TAFE courses for all, something which will ensure we are able to provide strong work opportunities for those who are disadvantaged in the workforce. I’m also aware of the importance of education and will give the people of Kellyville a strong voice on that.

It is very apparent how important it is to have access to green spaces, youth spaces, local swimming pools, to have well-maintained footpaths, bike lanes and more schools in the area. I will be pushing to invest more in all of these areas.

We are facing a cost-of-living crisis which is pushing our fellow community members out of area. That’s why I’ll be pushing for the government to reduce the cost of public transport, healthcare and housing.

As a member of this community, my future concerns for children and youth is always around the corner in my mind and l believe we all need to take action on the climate emergency for a better future that we all deserve! We must phase out coal and gas, and retain existing bushland if we’re going to keep our environment intact.

I’m running for the Greens because people of Kellyville deserve a representative who understands the need of the neighbourhood. Last but not least “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” The Earth is what we all have in common and the environment is where we all meet and where all have a mutual interest. It is the only thing all of us share!

I hope to have your support at the NSW election in March!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • New Line Road has been a major local issue for decades. The Government has allocated funds for strategies to alleviate some of the pressure of this contentious road (and roads tying into it). What do you think is the solution to New Line Rd?
  • Contentious Land Values Tax… why is it necessary, when so many residents are up in arms about having to fork out additional funds which they say “clearly supports developers” to the detriment of landowners?
  • What are your top priorities for your local electorate?
  • What are the biggest issues in your local electorate and how will you tackle these?
  • Would you like to add anything else?


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