The Ponds: A Polished Production

By Carmel Liddell

It is rare for an ingénue to up-stage established luminaries, however one Sydney suburb
has done just that. The Ponds was officially designated a suburb in 2007 and although
young, does not lack sophistication. The Australian Bureau of Statistics census in 2011, (by
using twenty-five variables including income, internet access, number of bedrooms and
resident qualifications), ranked The Ponds as Sydney’s most advantaged suburb.

This master planned, world class residential area was so named because of its geography
and proximity to Second Ponds Creek. The Ponds was developed by UrbanGrowth NSW,
formerly The Land Commission of New South Wales, and is one of the fastest selling projects in Australia.

Upon its completion in 2015, The Ponds $2bn development delivered 4,000 new home
sites for an estimated, 12,400 residents by 2017. (The 2016 census revealed that the
population had already reached 11,731). Over two million trees and shrubs were planted in
and around the site’s seven neighbourhood parks, five ponds, four kilometres of cycle and
walk ways, playgrounds, recreation parks with playing fields, netball and tennis courts,
schools and retail precinct.

Everything is in mint condition including The Ponds’ superstar, Ironbark Lake. Set in a five
hectare park with a continuous lakefront walkway, the artificial lake was originally a farm
dam. Its surrounds include boardwalks, a bridge link, barbecue/picnic facilities and in the
wings, a best practice water management system. The lake delivers restful water views that are currently enhanced by flowering white water lilies. To the delight of young and old
birdlife abounds but please don’t feed the ducks! Though secure in the lead role, Ironbark
Lake’s supporting cast of artworks, also deserves a rousing round of applause.

The modern, contemporary creations include an intriguing installation by Queensland artist
Jill Chism who named her work, ‘Ponds Dreaming’, (quote) – ‘a metaphor for the changing
dreams of residents of The Ponds area from the time of the first settlers until now.’ The
artwork comprises six stainless steel and laminated glass plinths which reflect the sun, sky
and water. When viewed at various angles from dawn through to dusk, the changing images are simply captivating.

For Best Production, Best Actor and Best Supporting Cast, the winner is – The Ponds!
References: Wikipedia and Fleetwood.

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