The Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum

The Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum is in its 18th year, is a 2½ day live-in program for Year 11 students, based on the values of integrity, service and courage.

Together with Tristan Smith, Chief Executive Officer, we hosted 154 student leaders from across 15 schools. The students who attended brought an immeasurable amount of energy, enthusiasm and passion to the forum. It was incredible to watch their growth throughout the forum and I can’t wait to follow their success back at their schools and within our wider community.

I would like to thank our devoted volunteer team consisting of over 74 leaders and committee members who work tirelessly throughout the year and over the 2.5 days to support these students. Their passion and dedication in developing the next generation of leaders is nothing short of admirable and the Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum would not be possible without them. These leaders are exceptional examples for the students and display the forum’s values of service, integrity and courage throughout their daily lives.

Students participated in team building activities, small group discussions, and community service projects at Aminya Village and McCall Gardens. They also listened to inspiring talks from Matt Kershaw, Heather Hawkins, Ronni Kahn, Chris Lee and Barnaby Howarth.

We would like to thank our major sponsors; Nature’s Sunshine Australia and Castle Towers, for their continuing commitment to the future of our student leaders. I would also like to thank Smiling Bakery, Castle Hill Growers Market, Allan Drew Funerals, Hills Lodge Hotel, Redeemer Baptist School, LSK Plastics and Swift Consulting for their community support to the Mitchell Youth Leadership Forum.

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