The Greenway/Macquarie Wharf

Did you know that the remains of what is probably the oldest existing wharf in Australia can be found in Windsor? The wharf was commissioned by Governor Macquarie and designed by Francis Greenway and built by 1820. These remains are evidence of the importance of river trade in the early days of the colony. The wharf ran parallel to the bank and was designed to allow cargo vessels of up to 100 tons to pull alongside. Cargos would be loaded from or onto drays depending whether goods were being delivered or farm produce was being sent to Sydney.

Part of the construction infrastructure for the Windsor bridge replacement project will go where the archaeological remains of the Macquarie Wharf are to be found.

The Environmental Impact Study for the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project states” RMS recognises that the project has the potential to have a range of adverse effects on the environment and community of Windsor, including but not limited to impacts on heritage, traffic and transport, landscape character, and the socioeconomic environment. Furthermore, it is considered that the impacts of the project on the historic heritage are likely to be significant, with direct impacts on State Heritage Register listed Thompson Square Conservation Area and other State and local heritage items.”

Because of the controversial nature of the Windsor Bridge Replacement project a Parliamentary Committee will enquire into and report on the expenditure, performance and effectiveness of The Roads and Maritime Services’ Windsor Bridge Replacement Project.

The community are invited to make submissions until 28th Jan 2018 to

When asked about this enquiry a representative of Community Action for Windsor Bridge said “CAWB is thrilled a parliamentary enquiry is to be held into the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project. This enquiry will hold the RMS to account and the truth will be revealed for all to see.”

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