Thanks for your patience as Council crews clean up after storms

It has been a wet start to the autumn season, with record rainfall and severe weather events wreaking havoc across The Hills.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane said Council, emergency services and Endeavour Energy are working around the clock to rectify damage created by the storms.

“Rain has fallen on most days in March and the start of April, with more than 290 millimeters of water falling in our region. That is about a quarter of the average annual rainfall in Sydney,” Mayor Keane said.

“Our maintenance teams are working as hard as they can to get through the backlog of requests for help but the workload is enormous.

“Crews will work through the backlog as quickly as possible – barring more severe weather.

“It takes time to reach all Council owned property and parks and we are working as quickly as possible to rectify the damage and debris caused by the storms.”

Mayor Keane said heavy and consistent rain and high temperatures had caused grass to grow speedily.

“Council is working to clear a mowing backlog of two to three weeks as a result of extensive rain,” she said.

“Crews have to wait for the ground to dry out, so they can use their heavy machinery without damaging the ground.

“The priority remains to mow sportsgrounds first, then major recreational areas before tackling local parks. Most locations will need a double cut, due to the length of the grass.

“We understand concerns about the long grass and we thank residents’ for their patience.”

Mayor Keane also expressed admiration and appreciation for our emergency services who have been working non-stop after two storms impacted the region in February and March.

“The Hills SES has been fully operational day and night since 18 February with a total of 1867 requests for assistance. In addition, Council received more than 430 calls for help,” Mayor Keane said.

“It is never an easy task working in extreme weather situations. Thank you to all our emergency service crews who are still working to make our homes and streets safe.

“Your work within our community is so vital and truly appreciated,” Mayor Keane added.

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