As a local Councillor and mum, I’m passionate about protecting our precious environment and offering a brighter future for our children.

I’m proud to stand with The Greens because like you, I’m tired of the rorts, jobs for the boys, the head-in-the-sand approach to the climate crisis, housing crisis and skyrocketing cost-of-living.

This state government’s overreach into local councils means our communities’ voices are ignored to the benefit of developers.

Iconic, endangered local forests like Coonara Ave, West Pennant Hills are fast tracked for bulldozing; ignoring local planning controls and pushing our endangered wildlife further to the brink of extinction.

After twelve years of Liberal-National neglect, our children’s future is bleak. Deliberate government policies mean our children can’t even afford to rent, let alone buy a home.

Our over-crowded public schools and healthcare system are under-funded by billions each year. This state government jails ten-year olds, logs native forests at a massive loss and bulldozes koala habitat, while selling-off our public assets to fund pet projects.

But you can change this.

Vote 1 The Greens to put people before profit. We are the only party with the policies to fix this mess – https://greens.org.au/nsw/policyplatform2023


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