Sweet Memories

This issue’s “Memories” article is something that I can really get my teeth into. I do have a sweet tooth after all, but that is something my wife does not have. She would rather savour savouries than sweets.

But let’s get the ball rolling, just like Jaffas down the cinema aisle and, talking cinema, I’d fancy a “Fantale”. Remember when you would unwrap your “Sweetacre’s Fantale” to read a biography on some of the movie stars of the day? You may read on one wrapper all about Gregory Peck or perhaps Elizabeth Taylor whilst enjoying the sweet taste of caramel in your mouth. “Jaffas” were also manufactured by “Sweetacres” at Roseberry (aka James Stedman Hendersons) and were often rolled down the aisle at movie theatres where they would clunk down the steps. Stedman Hendersons were acquired years later by the Swiss based multi-national Nestle’. Nestle’ went on to acquire a number of confectionary companies in Australia including Hoadleys. Having an interest in music also, when I think of Hoadleys I recall the “Battle of the Bands” contests held around the country sponsored by Hoadleys, often in a Town Hall, or on a sporting oval teenage rock bands would compete with each other to win the local contest. But I digress. This article is supposed to be about sweet memories and not loud music. Hoadleys manufactured the very popular “Polly Waffle” and “Violet Crumble” bars along with a number of other chocolate bar lines such as “Twix” and “White Knight”.

I’ll take an intermission just now and get back to the Cinema for a moment. During a break in the movies you may have gone down to the foyer in the kiosk for a choc top ice cream, a box of popcorn or perhaps a “Snack” made by MacRobertsons. I recall the slogan for MacRobertsons’ Snack as “Feeling hungry? Have a Snack, six ripe flavours in every pack”. “Snack” was a chocolate bar with fruity crème centres in each fruit shaped square. I can particularly remember the Pineapple and Strawberry shaped squares.

Back in the 1950s & 60s things were not quite as politically correct as they are today. Now we know that chocolate is for everyone, but back in the day some companies made a play for certain sections of the population and H. Small & Co manufactured a square shaped chocolate block on which the wrapper contained the words “Especially for men” the Chocolate was called “Club” dark chocolate. The brand is still manufactured today by Nestle after they acquired Smalls many years ago (about the same time that they took over Hoadleys. The shape of the bar has been changed to the regular chocolate bar shape so is no longer square. Along the lines of political correctness and sweet products remember when you could buy licorice or jam products with images of dark skinned boys and names such as “Sambo” or “Golliwog” appearing on the products? Times have certainly changed since then.

Now back to the lollies of yesteryear. When I arrived in Australia back in the late 1950s is when I was introduced to Allens’ Snakes. Prior to that, I had never seen them back in the old country and talking about something similar, Jelly babies have been around for a long time and available world-wide. Have you ever wondered why they always seem to be female jelly babies? I remember hearing someone say that they preferred male jelly babies because you always got that little extra.

Another thing that has changed over the years is that the taste of chocolates and lollies are not the same as they once were. Recipes have been changed over time they may look the same or similar but the taste is different.

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