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I have lived in the Hawkesbury for @ 30 years and have raised 4 children who also live in the Hawkesbury. My family and I have lived here and enjoyed living here because of the semi rural aspect but the proximity to both the city and the other side of the mountain towards Lithgow and beyond.

I worked as a Registered Nurse for close to thirty years, facilitated/taught nurses both in Hospital and Nursing Homes, was a union delegate; was on the ‘Ratios’ Campaign when it was first started and we see how it has turned out years later. Same problems just new faces it seems.

My husband was a state primary teacher but is currently working in the private sector because education has gone as it has.

I now have my own business; I’m a lawyer and work in the area of Family Law and some Criminal Law.

The main issues I am interested in for the Hawkesbury are:

i.  mental health for younger adults and children,

ii.  the NDIS and just having services for the people in the Hawkesbury,

iii. infrastructure as the area is an historic area but we also seem to have a lot of new residential homes going up and the infrastructure seems to be an afterthought in some instances,

iv. The Bridge(s), roads and

v.  general walking areas and footpaths (that don’t seem to be everywhere but especially where required).

This is the first time I am running and really hope the people in the Hawkesbury see that we need to have parties that are vested in the community and have the community at heart not merely the two-party system promising the moon and then not delivering.

It’s all good to be discussing what has been delivered up to now, as the party in the drivers seat, that is what is expected that you do.

Interestingly more is often done prior to an election than after the election.

I chose One Nation because I am tired of the rhetoric from the major parties.


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