Steve Busch FAQ


My name is Steve Busch, is am a 63 years old Australia born Sydney boy, married and living in North Wahroonga with my wife Kathryn and 4 children aged 30,22,20 and 14yo. I am a former Qantas pilot of approximately 27 years service and now working part time as a bus driver. Kathryn owns and runs a medical clinical business at Macquarie University Hospital. I am motivated to run due to the excessive mismanagement of NSW by Matt Kean. He has plunged this State into $182billion of gross debt, which equates to $22,750 for each individual in NSW. For a household of five, this exceeds $100,000.

Not to mention the $6billion in annual interest repayments, Kean’s increase in spending has exceeded the levels set by the 1974 Whitlam Government budget.

One Nation will responsibly address this spending straight away by eliminating the $10billion Kean is spending on renewables and green energy programs. This complete waste of funding will only reduce global surface temperatures by 0.000555 degrees over a century, according to the NSW Parliamentary library.

NSW should be a global energy superpower, incorporating all forms of energy, but on a level playing field, without the excessive subsidies. This includes a mix of coal, gas, renewables and the introduction of nuclear.

Religious Freedom will also be a major focus of One Nation and we will ensure the protection of religious independent schools against the agendas of militant activists. Likewise, One Nation will eliminate woke ideology from our schools and return to back-to-basics education.

Only One Nation can fight the major party madness, especially Matt Kean.


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