Small Groups Making a Big Impact on Student Learning

This year William Clarke College, a P-12, Anglican School in the Hills District, has welcomed nine full-time Literacy and Numeracy specialists following the ongoing success of its small group approach to learning in the Primary School.

Geoff McGowan, Director of Teaching and Learning for Primary School, said in addition to a main classroom teacher, the College had strategically invested in the extra teaching staff to allow Primary students to continue to benefit from working in small groups in the key areas of literacy and numeracy.

“Since we implemented the small group approach, we have seen a profound effect on student learning,” Mr McGowan said.

“It allows us to provide targeted instruction, enhance student engagement, promptly identify gaps in knowledge, foster meaningful relationships and monitor student progress.”

The College’s recent Primary School NAPLAN results were the latest example of the positive impact that the Primary School’s small group approach is having on student progress.

The Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN tests saw students undertake five subtests in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation and Numeracy.

“Of the ten subtests in Year 3 and Year 5, the Primary School achieved its highest ever average results in 8 of the 10 tests, with the College also achieving higher averages than similar schools in each one of the tested domains,” Mr McGowan said.

“In addition, our average results for Year 3 in Reading, Writing and Grammar & Punctuation were at, or closely similar to, the Year 5 state averages and over 50% of our Year 5 students achieved above the Year 7 state average in Reading, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation.

“We are very proud of our extraordinary learners and congratulate students and teachers on their hard work and dedication. These results are just one indicator of success in a wider trend of excellent internal and external test results since the College implemented its small group approach to learning.”

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Wcc Small Groups Making A Big Impact On Student Learning

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