Situation Update – North Richmond

SITUATION UPDATE (EDITED): The BOM have released their fourth flood warning for the Hawkesbury/Nepean River.

North Richmond, as our gauge shows, has reached minor flood level but the rate of increase has slowed over the past couple of hours. THE BOM are predicting a height of 7.9m for North Richmond this afternoon. This is 0.5m below the deck height but is in the possible range at which the RMS may close the bridge due to safety concerns.

Windsor is predicted to reach 7m this evening, which should allow the bridge there to remain open.

The Grose River has continued to fall and Warragamba should now be spilling as it is 7cm above the spill level.

EDIT: Water NSW have confirmed the dam is spilling and will continue to release water for up to two weeks.

Yarramundi is steady at 4.32m, 1.1m below the bridge height. The predicted increases in river level will see Yarramundi Bridge likely to close during today (2 March 2022).

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