Sharpening the Brain

There are few people now who have been untouched by the sadness of Alzheimer’s – where the family member or friend we know has slowly faded from the person they were. And we’ve all heard that keeping the brain active is one of the ways to delay the onset of some types of dementia. Well, at Creative Activities in Castle Hill in our first term for the year, we had a class that was focused on Sharpening the Brain. Sammy Lee gave a series of talks focused on improving your cognitive skills and keeping the brain as active and flexible as possible. He had his class totally involved in his methods and the good news is, he’s back this term

Starting on October 10 at 10.45am for a five week series, Sammy will again be presenting ways to assist our brains to do the best for us at all times. These classes will be held at Castle Hill SDA Church Hall, 86 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill and cost a very affordable $25 ($20 for Seniors) per term . Of course the usual craft classes will also be taking place, so if you’re interested in attending and would like some information, please call 9659.0242, email: [email protected] or just come along and join in on October 10.

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