Seniors Equestrian Games

Calling all senior riders. The inaugural Seniors Equestrian Games will be held at the Hawkesbury Riding Club grounds in Clarendon on Saturday, April 2nd.

The one day Seniors Equestrian Games is a joint venture between Hawkesbury Riding Club and Seniors NSW and is designed to attract senior riders over 60 years of age and riders over 50 years with a disability card.

The program on the day will consist of dressage, show jumping, hacking and specialised clinics.

Hawkesbury Riding Club President Wendy Pike said: “We are thrilled at being given a grant by Seniors Council NSW to run an equestrian festival exclusively for the Over 60s. Usually, we are out there competing with 20- and 30-year olds and while we are often right up there in the placings, this time it will all be oldies having a go with a competitive edge which will make it very interesting. Instead of being grooms for our children and grandchildren, this time they will be the spectators and we will be competing”.

It is hoped that the event will become an annual event for senior riders from all over NSW.

The Hawkesbury Riding Club Seniors Equestrian Games will also feature two clinics on the day. One is a mounted and ridden clinic with noted dressage rider and trainer Judy Dierks. The other clinic is with Pilates expert Rebecca Ashton, to be held in the club house without horses.

All participants must be registered members of Equestrian Australia.

Spectators are welcome at the Hawkesbury Riding Club Seniors Equestrian Games 2022. But are reminded that dogs must be left at home.

WHAT: The inaugural Seniors Equestrian Games
WHEN: From 8am on Saturday April 2nd
WHERE: Hawkesbury Riding Club grounds, Gate 5 Racecourse Rd Clarendon.
INFO: Visit website

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