Seeds to Sow …… Promises to Keep

A little wilderness has appeared in my garden, sown by nature, not by me! It emerged beneath my Rosa Mutabilis, a romantic display of flowers in its own right, which produces sprays of fluttering, open-petalled roses that resemble a flight of butterflies which change colour.

Here, beneath the dense display of roses, a mysterious tepee has emerged in a lush blossoming of old-fashioned Cupani sweet peas. Were they self-sown from nature’s silent hand ….or is there a secret worker in the shadows.

The rosemary bushes are magnificent this year and I cannot resist nibbling the sweet, delicate delight of translucent, blue, rosemary flowers. Savouring their delicate flavour on my tongue is a pleasure I hope never to tire of. If my memory benefits from a mild addiction to rosemary in this gentle form, I will not complain.

The gingko has lost its last golden leaves, but remains fearlessly erect in the wintry light of this morning. A flurry of wrens swoop noisily past the emerging jonquil spears, and the violets nod their heads knowingly … surely spring lingers close at hand. Yesterday, I discovered a treasure of Borage seedlings, self- sown beside the old well. The original borage in my garden was gifted from a gardening friend many years ago. I like to think borage continues to refresh old gardening memories for friends and they remember to enjoy the cucumber-flavoured delight of nibbling the starry-blue borage flowers.

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