Rubbish Fire in Vineyard

Firefighter Extinguishing Fire At Vineyard
A firefighter on its way to help extinguish the rubbish fire in vineyard © via the oakville rural fire brigade

There was a small rubbish fire in an industrial holding yard located on Bandon Road in Vineyard on Thursday, 26 October 2023.

Minutes before 10:00 AM, multiple fire brigades were called to the area adjacent to the Richmond Rail Line after reports of a fire – which was soon elevated to 2nd Alarm Structure Fire.

As brigades such as the Oakville Rural Fire Brigade arrived, crews observed a large smoke column arising from the area.

Fire At Bandon Road
The rubbish fire soon progressed into a structure fire, affecting more pallets, vehicles, and containers © via the oakville rural fire brigade
Rubbish Fire At Vineyard
The rubbish fire as it progressed © via the fire and rescue nsw station 081 windsor

First responders mentioned that stacks of pallets, gas cylinders and earthmoving machinery were among the things burned. It also began spreading into a truck and nearby containers.

Wearing breathing apparatuses, Firefighters from Schofields and Windsor also extinguished the grassfire due to the yard fire.

The fire was controlled and extinguished after almost two hours, the Oakville Fire Brigade stated in its report.

Burned Truck At Vineyard
A burned truck © via the schofields rural fire brigade

“The quick response by firefighters saw the threat to surrounding infrastructure reduced and both the road and rail line re-opened,” the NSW Rural Fire Service mentioned.

Other brigades and services that reported to the scene include the Rouse Hill Rural Fire Brigade, Fire and Rescue NSW Stations 096 (Schofields), 032 (Mt Druitt), 078 (Ropes Crossing), and 097 (Huntingwood).

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