Royal Encounters

Last issue we asked readers to send us in their stories about seeing Royalty and Castle Hill’s Lorraine Grant sent in details of her three close encounters.

1 “In 1963 my friend Shirley and I were fortunate to receive very sought-after tickets to go into the Royal Enclosure at the Royal Ascot racecourse.

“As excited Australian 20 something year olds, we dressed in our best frocks, (mine, made by my mother before I left on the big overseas trip), hats and gloves purchased at Selfridges in London.

“We joined the train with perfectly groomed ladies and top hatted men for the trip to Ascot.

“During a very exciting day, on exiting from the toilets we were suddenly confronted by a policeman who put up his hand to stop us going any further.

“We became aware that there was a smart MG, I think racing green, parked at the door we were going back through to the race track.

Prince Philip came out that door, jumped into the driver’s seat, with a nod, wave and a wink just for us, drove off!! Unfortunately, I haven’t a photo.

2 “In February 1992, I went to see a friend in Dubbo. On arrival she told me the Queen and Duke were visiting the next day and did I want to go into town to see them.

We set off next morning at 7am for the half hour drive and managed to position ourselves right on the barrier where hopefully they would walk past.

“Sure enough they did, with the Duke commenting what beautiful weather it was and, wasn’t lovely that so many people came to see them!!

3 “I have been fortunate to have a third encounter at the Epsom Downs race track in the UK where not only the Queen and Duke, but other members of the Royal family walk to the Saddling Paddock chatting to racegoers along the way.”


Royal Encounters

Encounters, Encounters

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