Rose Garden Refurbishment

By Dr Peter Gangemi - Mayor of The Hills Shire Council
The Roxborough Park Rose Garden upgrade at Arthur Whaling Park is now underway following the installation of site fencing in mid-December 2021.

Work is expected to be finished by August to coincide with celebrations of this much-loved community asset’s 50th anniversary in September 2022.

Once complete, the Rose Garden will be transformed with a new garden arbour for a climbing rose varieties, refreshed garden beds, improved central staircase, refurbished pathways and upgraded irrigation systems.

The initial stage involved removing impacted roses from temporary beds at the Mileham Road end of the garden and repotting them, tagged with coloured ribbons that reflect their location in new garden beds. They are currently being irrigated until they can be replanted.

The next steps will involve excavation work, edging removal and rose transplantation. Site maps and detailed information can be found at

Rose Garden Refurbishment

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