Room to Move by Hannie Rayson

Henry Lawson Theatre INC takes you back to Australia’s iconic 80s; where the colours were bright, greed was good and the hair was as big as the shoulder pads.

But the ripple effect of the 70s’ rise of feminism, equality and sexual liberation was having an impact on the men.

Written by award-winning Australian playwright Hannie Rayson, Room to Move tells the story of 29-yearold lodger, Bernie (Martin Crew of North Richmond) who moves in with 62-year-old widow, Peggy (Neridah James of Werrington County).

She is looking for company and he is looking for refuge. Meanwhile, Peggy’s children, Virginia and Roger (Heloise Tolar of Pitt Town and Ian Fletcher of Emu Plains) are just looking for a drama to deflect from their own.

Director Sari Erasmus Hickey said Hannie Rayson was intrigued by the idea of developing a play that examines how the pervasive influence of feminism affected men. Hickey, of Kingswood, said the script was a favourite because it was given to her by Doreen Warburton who started the Q Theatre and brought it to Penrith in 1977.

“But I was really drawn to the play’s depiction of the character’s emotional make up and the turmoil of their relationships and the emotions associated with them,” she said.

Ms Hickey said audiences will relate to all the characters. “Audiences will enjoy it as even today, there is so much they can relate to – it has fast-moving action with no drawn-out sections, which will test their attention spans,” she said.

“This is all performed on a flexible set with an innovative design displaying many 80’s inventions that became part of our lives.”

Hannie Rayson

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