Rob Vail FAQ


Hi! I’m Rob Vail.

I’m running because the community needs a strong, lifelong advocate for action to bring climate change under control. Public education and public health also need attention after 12 years of neglect by the Liberal National Party.

Why Riverstone? I have lived in Quakers Hill for the last 36 years—more than half my life. I want to give back to our Western Sydney community, and I feel that I’m already a leader here. The long-term Riverstone MP Kevin Connolly is retiring, and the electorate deserves fresh ideas.

Until my retirement in 2014, I was a public-school teacher. I spent 30 of my 35 years of service at Quakers Hill Public School. I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Sydney and a Diploma of Education from Sydney Teachers College. While in the workforce, I was a committed unionist with the NSW Teachers Federation, culminating in 4 years as President of Blacktown Teachers Association.

My campaign priorities  come from listening to locals, my life experiences, and our highly democratic NSW Greens party.


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