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Riverstone Police: Ride In The Park Could Cost You $$$$

Just a reminder of the following fines for motorbikes ride in the park.  Stay safe these holidays.

Rider no helmet – $ 362 (3 demerit points)

Rider and passenger not wear helmets – $723 (6 demerit points)

Unlicensed for Class – Class C/R/LR/MR – $603

Unregistered – $723

Uninsured – $723

Trespassing – $550

It’s dangerous not only to the riders themselves, but obviously to the community, especially those that use the parks and the roads that these unregistered trail bike riders are using to go on their joyrides.

Some of the crazy behaviours on the trail bikes is not acceptable and Police are doing all they can. They have had some success (in the past) with some local operations, but they need the community to be their eyes and ears and report this activity to Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.

What riders can do:

• Be considerate of other land users, neighbours, etc

• Understand and obey the laws governing riding dirt bikes on public and private land

• Act and ride in ways that minimise disturbance to others.

Ride In The Park Riverstone Police: Ride In The Park Could Cost You $$$$

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