There is a real community feel to Riverside Gardens which has grown over the years since it opened in 2011.

Manager Patricia Campbell said there were regular activities held in the community centre which served residents in the 48 villas and six units. Residents range in age from 55 to 93 with Patricia knowing every one.

Val and Dale Irving moved to Riverside Gardens in May 2015 with with their toy poodle Ollie . When the couple lived in Tasmania during the 70s Dale produced roses on a large scale. When they relocated to NSW Dale became very involved with growing Bonsai plants which he grew for a number of years.

After moving to Riverside Gardens he had time to develop his latest passion which is for orchids. Although the garden is smaller because the Irving’s have downsized, every space is utilised. Orchids of all shapes, sizes and colours abound.

Last year Dale, member of the Hawkesbury Orchid Society, achieved the Champion for Novice Orchids trophy. The couple say they love living in Riverside Gardens where Dale has found he has more spare time because he no longer has the worry of cleaning gutters and repairs and maintenance problems. He now has his orchids.

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