River Levels Finally Going Down

While our focus is often on North Richmond and Windsor we do not want to forget the communities downstream at Sackville, Lower Portland, Wisemans Ferry and surrounding communities…

The main flood peak has passed Wisemans Ferry now but the communities there have experienced river levels exceeding the March 2022 flood and they are still above that level!

The rain on Monday sadly caused rapid rises along the Macdonald River significantly raising river levels at Wisemans Ferry and the Colo river also experienced major flood levels exacerbating flooding at Lower Portland. River levels are beginning to fall slowly now.

Back upstream at North Richmond the river is currently falling at about 10cm/hour but is still almost 4m over the bridge deck height.

At Windsor, the river is currently falling at about 7cm/hour and still has around 3m to fully uncover the deck then we still need to wait for Freemans Reach Rd / Gorricks Lane and Wilberforce Road (Buttsworth Creek) to clear. Just trying to look back to last time it looks like in was maybe at least 8m at Windsor before the water finally drained from Buttsworth creek enough for the bridge to open.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/HawkesburyFloodStatisticsUnit/

River Levels

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