River Levels are Falling

STATUS UPDATE 8 (EDITED):River Levels are continuing to fall throughout the system.

North Richmond was at 10.59m, and dropping at 5cm/hr. At this rate the level should be around 9.4m this time tomorrow(4 March 2022) when the heavier rain starts falling again.

Windsor, currently 10.8m, will be at 9.6m by the morning. The bridge deck will have been uncovered earlier in the morning, 1-2am, it would be surprising if the road is reopened though, given the predicted rises later on Sunday. There is a small window during Sunday that this may be feasible while waiting to see if rises occur but it would be at the discretion of emergency services.

Warragamba is now down to 15cm, and continuing to very slowly fall. The Upper Nepean is still seeing falls, and mostly below, or near below, the minor flood level.

This does indicate some capacity to handle more rain over the coming days, although the Upper Nepean’s dams remain at 100% capacity, as do the Blue Mountains dams. With the ground fully saturated, all rainfall in these areas will quickly flow into the Nepean and Grose rivers, then on to the Hawkesbury.

Any local heavy rain, combined with these flows, will push the levels back up, hopefully not to major flood level, but may delay the reopening of the bridges. EDIT: For those asking about Yarramundi, the gauge there is reporting erratically and has been removed from the BOM webpage. For any bridge predictions, add at least 24 hours from North Richmond.

Source- https://www.facebook.com/HawkesburyFloodStatisticsUnit/River 3 River Levels Are FallingoRiver 2 River Levels Are Falling


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