Rehabilitation after a cardiac event

A cardiac rehabilitation program is ideal for patients who have had a recent heart issue or longstanding cardiac condition to restore or maintain functional mobility, activities of daily living, and endurance. Both the National Heart Foundation of Australia and the World Health Organisation recommend that cardiac rehabilitation services should be available and routinely offered to everyone with cardiovascular disease, and delivered by trained health professionals.

The program at The Hills Private Hospital is delivered by a multidisciplinary team which is under the clinical management of a Rehabilitation Specialist. The cardiac rehabilitation team, comprising of Rehabilitation Physicians, specialised nursing staff and allied health professionals, develop an individualised cardiac management plan tailored to your needs.

Cardiac patients have specific rehabilitation needs, which must be met, to facilitate their recovery and return to an optimal level of occupational and recreational function. The Hills Private Hospital runs two cardiac programs. Phase One is for inpatients, and is usually commenced immediately after surgery and Phase Two is an outpatient (day) program, offering ongoing support and monitoring, to help you progress towards their goals.

Criteria for Admission:
• Where a person has had a recent cardiac event.
• Dependency following the cardiac event, eg recent stroke, respiratory compromise, or significant comorbidities eg generalised arthritis, previous stroke.

When you attend a cardiac rehabilitation program you work at your own pace. You will be asked to participate in evidencebased tests such as the 6-minute walk test, a performance-based measure of functional exercise capacity in healthy older adults and the Berg’s Balance Scale, a clinical test of a person’s static and dynamic balance abilities. You will have regular communication with your Specialist and GP to ensure satisfaction and be evaluated using outcome evaluations and a patient satisfaction survey at the conclusion of the program. Regular Case Conferences will be held between the Rehabilitation Specialist (Hospital Doctor) and the treating therapists to discuss your goals and expected outcomes as well as timeframes and benefits.

Our services include physical activity, health education, counselling, behaviour modification strategies and support for self-management. They are tailored to meet the individual and cultural needs of our patient and their family.

Goals relate to evidencebased therapy where the patient can demonstrate the following outcomes:
Maximising physical, psychological, and social recovery
Minimising the progression of coronary artery disease
• Reducing risk factors and adopting a healthier lifestyle
• Successful return to work, home and recreational activities

The Hills Private Hospital has a team of specialised Health Professionals who are committed to working with you to restore your physical ability to achieve your body’s full potential by meeting your individual needs. If you would like to regain a level of health so that you can participate in life again, we can help you achieve your goals.

The cardiac rehabilitation program at The Hills Private Hospital is accredited with the National Heart Foundation. If you are privately insured, most health funds allow you to utilise your benefits to attend cardiac rehabilitation. If you have any enquiries or would like to discuss how a cardiac rehabilitation program can help you or your loved one, please call Day Program Administration staff (02) 9686 0454.

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