Reduce Your Power Cost’s and Your Environmental Impact With TESLA POWERWALL 2

Power Prices are a hot topic at the moment and there seems to be no end in sight!

The removal of the carbon tax was meant to be a reprieve for our power bills and give us a chance to breath a little but…. as many predicted this was not to be the case.

Last year saw a 12% price rise to the cost of our energy and now we have seen that we’re about to receive an amazing 16-30% price rise of power depending on who your retailer is !

It begs the question….How can we use less power then so we don’t have to buy so much??? Or how can we provide our own power so we can have some freedom of our usage?

A lot of us are already on the sustainability path but some don’t even consider that they are. Let me ask you how many people have a rainwater tank? A compost bin or pile? A vege garden or even a small herb pot?? All of these things that many of us take as standard living patterns are being sustainable in some form whether its large or small scale , Its sustainability in motion….

This has led from or led to some larger forms such as solar hot water and nowadays we have solar power systems that can generate our own power at a relatively cost effective rate .This is the view bringing many people to start taking the plunge into the “what more can I do “ state of mind.

Like John And Gae From Lower Portland. For quite some years now they have been relatively self sufficient on there cozy hillside position living in a Natural Timber log Cottage over looking the Hawkesbury river . Their Vege Gardens and a few chooks take care of some of their feed and a solar hot water system they invested in years ago provides plenty of energy efficient hot water for them making them feel quite sustainable on the whole. But the more they questioned whether they were doing enough the more they liked the idea of solar power and looked to make the move into the solar power way of life. After learning more they discovered that unused energy would essentially be wasted by letting it feed to the grid and liked the idea of storing that power to use later instead. This way they were being almost ”self sufficient” !

After some discussions on the result that SKYLINE SOLAR could achieve for them it was decided that a 5kw Solar Edge Optimised combination with the SUNPOWER high performance panels would be couple a TESLA POWERWALL 2 !

The installation of this package has now meant that we were able to essentially run the entire house through the TESLA POWERWALL 2 and to give this house the ability to operate in a black out !

This was the perfect result John and Gae were after so they could strongly stand by their values of reducing their impact on the environment now more than ever before. As John said “ The bonus is we should basically have no power usage now and have reduced our carbon footprint dramatically! , If we’re going to educated others on their footprint then we need to walk the walk to talk the talk. “

Investing in Solar Power and TESLA POWERWALL 2 systems is smart choice. This is the best way to secure your cost of power and nevr worry about price hikes again.

For further informations and pricing of packages to suit your needs contact the team at SKYLINE SOLAR 5/317 Windsor Rd., Vineyard. Call 1300 759 765

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