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Redbank Village Centre Playground Closed 10 February

The Redbank Village Centre Playground will be Closed for works on Friday 10th February 2023.
They have listened to the feedback from the community, and a large shade sail will be installed to provide shade over the slide area. Our contractors will be conducting excavation & post installation works on Friday 10th February, ready for the sail to be installed shortly after.
To ensure safety of the children, park users, & construction workers, we kindly request you to avoid accessing this playground on the day of the works. Alternatively, please feel free to enjoy Yeomans Playground, Ploughmans Playground or Peel Park Playground whilst the Village Centre Playground is closed.
We appreciate your patience and understanding for the duration of the works.
Redbank Village Centre Playground Redbank Village Centre Playground Closed 10 February

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