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Recognising Neighbourhood Centres

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This month, I want to acknowledge Neighbourhood Centre Week and highlight the vital role these centres play.

They act as the heart of communities, fostering connections, learning, and a sense of belonging through inclusive programs and shared spaces.

Northwest Community Services in Riverstone exemplifies this dedication. Founded in 1977, it has weathered challenges and grown to offer essential services. Despite limited resources, the centre’s unwavering commitment ensures its operations continue and services expand.

The growing and diverse population presents a complex tapestry of needs. Northwest Community Services acts as a catalyst, empowering new neighbours to integrate and build a cohesive community with existing residents.

Northwest Community Services provides a range of services, from family support to specialised programs, making them a lifeline and beacon of hope for many.

Investment in these centres is crucial. They offer a “one-stop shop” approach, fostering community building while being cost-effective. Northwest Community Services is a lifeline for our community.

They offer a range of crucial services, including support for families and communities and specialised programs for Aboriginal people, youth, seniors, and the disabled. They offer support through repeated disasters with compassionate and expert assistance in complex cases. By intervening early, they make a significant difference in the lives they touch.

During Neighbourhood Centre Week, do yourself a favour and drop into North West Community Services. Their dedication and expertise make it a pleasure to collaborate with them in serving our community.

Improve Bus Services: Speaking Up For Better Buses

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