Powerhouse Castle Hill Renewal Project

The Powerhouse recently announced the achievement of a major construction milestone for the $30 million Powerhouse Castle Hill Renewal Project with the pouring of concrete foundations.

A span of 640sqm concrete – the equivalent of 88 trucks – was poured over two days to create two suspended slabs, marking the first step in the formation of public spaces.

Due to be completed in early 2023, the Powerhouse Castle Hill expansion includes a new public-facing building, expanding storage space by 30 percent and providing a new level of access to the Powerhouse collection for the communities of the Hills Shire and Greater Sydney.

The new building will also feature state-of-the-art conservation facilities and flexible spaces for learning, research and exhibition.

3 Ch May2022 017 Powerhouse Castle Hill Renewal Project

It is designed by NSW-based architecture firm. The new building is designed with an appreciation of concrete as more than just a building material; it will be a core design feature of the new facility.

“Increasing community access to the Powerhouse collection lies at the heart of this expansion. Upon completion, Powerhouse Castle Hill will house more than 500,000 objects from the Powerhouse collection. With dedicated exhibition spaces, additional storage, production, conservation and operational facilities, Powerhouse Castle Hill will be a remarkable cultural asset for the local Castle Hill community and beyond,” said Powerhouse Chief Executive, Lisa Havilah.

6 Ch May2022 035 Powerhouse Castle Hill Renewal Project

The expansion of Powerhouse Castle Hill forms an integral part of the Powerhouse renewal program which includes the construction of the new flagship museum Powerhouse Parramatta, the renewal of Powerhouse Ultimo and the digitisation of more than 330,000 thousand objects from the collection.

The site remains open to the public every weekend throughout the build: www.maas.museum/museums-discovery-centre/

Powerhouse Castle Hill

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