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Newest Pavilion Play an Audacious Adult Romcom

Newest Pavilion Play An Audacious Adult Romcom
L-r: kate gandy (catherine givings) and lana hill (sabrina daldry)

Castle Hill Players are set to open their fourth production of the year on the 28th of July with In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play, an intriguing romantic comedy in the blossoming age of electricity.

Dr. Givings (Paul Sztelma) is a gynaecologist in 1880s New York, where people are excited at the advent of an amazing new invention called the light bulb. However, the doctor has been working on an entirely different kind of electrical device; the Chattanooga Vibrator, designed to cure female hysteria.

Catherine (Kate Gandy), the wife of Dr. Givings, becomes increasingly flustered as patient after patient departs her husband’s work space with a new lease on life and a desire to return for more treatment. It’s up to her to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the next room.

The play, written by Sarah Ruhl, was nominated for three Tony Awards for its 2009 Broadway production and has regularly attracted acclaim worldwide. The Pavilion Theatre’s production of the play is directed by Meredith Jacobs, one of Castle Hill Players’ most prolific directors and actors. From Amadeus to Just Macbeth to Harvey, her decades-long portfolio at the Pavilion is reason enough to put In The Next Room in your calendar.

“There’s plenty of times where you’ll just be laughing and it’s funny,” says Meredith. “And then there are moments where, all of a sudden, it’s incredibly intuitive about what has not changed since the 1880s to the 21st century. It’s a nice little romantic comedy, but there’s also a theme through it about the impact of new inventions and how that affects the way we live.” She guarantees that In The Next Room will definitely make you laugh, and almost certainly make you cry too.

The cast is similarly experienced, with actress and director Kate Gandy starring as the lead Catherine, who she describes as “full of insatiable curiosity.” Kate brings with her 10 years of theatre experience and excitement to introduce theatregoers to Catherine.

Paul Sztelma’s role as Doctor Givings is his 26th at the Pavilion, and he’s relishing the opportunity to play the passionate doctor with members of his Castle Hill Players family. Other Pavilion alumni include Kimberlea Smith as Annie, and Julian Floriano as Leonard.

In The Next Room is shaping up to be a stellar production; one that local theatregoers won’t want to miss. As with all productions at the Pavilion, tickets are expected to start flying as the season approaches – head to http:// or call 9634 2929 to book your seats today. Shows run from the 28th of July until the 19th of August.

ADVISORY: In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play contains adult themes

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